Effortless repair reporting and management
Report. Review. Resolve.

Proactive, hassle-free reporting in less than 30 seconds

Capture high quality, location-specific repairs. Make resolution times as quick as possible. Reduce bottom-line costs.

1. See a fault

Any user; staff, employee’s, residents, & customers can report a repair through their smartphone 24/7/365.

2. Scan a tag, located throughout your spaces

Tags are location-specific, pinpointing exactly where a repair is needed. Rooms, buildings, communal spaces, homes - anywhere.

3. Take a photo & submit

It really is that quick! Encourage reporting when and where it happens.

Better Communications

Keep your users informed with automatic status updates, direct to their smart phones.

Update - Encourage users to report issues early on by keeping them in the loop with the progress of repairs.

Notify - Users can select 'Notify Me' for communal issues affecting them, reducing duplicate repairs from being reported to the help desk.

Don't wait for emergencies to occur...
...users report small repairs before they become expensive

Find it. Fix it. Faster.

Better processes. Lower costs.

  • Save 7 minutes on average per ticket No more lengthy and painful calls. Self-service through our app.
  • Prevent duplication & wasteful tickets Our smart app knows if an issue has already been reported.
  • Faults fixed earlier and faster Reduce expensive engineer visits and consistently exceed your SLA’s.
  • Transform repairs management for your users and staff Increase customer and employee satisfaction. Optimise your repair times. Improve margins.
  • Safer spaces and environments Keep compliant quickly and easily with FaultFixers.
  • Seamless and simple integration We work with your existing management systems so no costly overhaul is required.

Your Dashboard

Review and manage tickets.
Automatic performance monitoring in line with your SLA’s.
Report on key metrics.

White Label?

Want the FaultFixers solution and to retain your brand presence? Speak to us about our customisable white label product.

15x quicker than the next fastest method...
...Encourages users to report all issues, not just emergencies

Find it. Fix it. Faster.

Who we work with

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