FaultFixers Updates

FaultFixers is always being improved. Below is a running list of just some of the improvements and changes we have been making.

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December 2018

We've launched a major feature: the scheduler. This powerful feature allows you to drag-and-drop tickets into the calendars of your team members. There is a Gantt view, a per-person view, color coding by status or priority, a map showing where the team members need to travel to, and more! Try it out!

Push notifications to team members are now smarter -- the system now keeps more people in the loop about changes that are relevant to them. We've also added a feature that sends you a push notification each night telling you what jobs are assigned to you for the next day. If you want to enable or disable these, go to the "Notifications" section of the teams app.

We have made it easier to create tickets for any building within the teams app -- go to the tickets screen and just tap the "+" button in the bottom-right corner. That's much faster than the old process!

When you are viewing a building in the teams app, we've added a "Get Directions" button, which -- you guessed it -- gives you directions! This simple enhancement should save some mobile workforces a decent chunk of time!

November 2018

We have launched "reporter websites"! Instead of having to download the FaultFixers reporter app, users can now report from a website. The websites are branded entirely for the client -- for example a client called XYZ Corp can have the website at repairs.xyzcorp.com, in their own colors. This is to reduce friction for reporters. These websites have all the same functionality as the reporter app, and work in desktop and mobile browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Tickets can now be categorised as communal or private. Communal tickets are visible to all FaultFixers users, allowing a reduction in duplicate reports of issues in communal areas. (This feature is only enabled for customers for whom it would be appropriate, for example in housing blocks.)

We have added a much-requested feature: prioritising tickets. Team members can set tickets as low/medium/high priority.

In the teams mobile app, the calendar is now more powerful, allowing the user to choose more types of events to be seen in their calendar.

When the "Share Via Email" button is used within a ticket, you can now add a message that will appear at the start of the email we send -- this will let you explain any complexities with the ticket that might not be obvious from the ticket's description. "Share Via Email" used to be only available on the web dashboard and not in the teams app -- now it is in the app too!

October 2018

Ticket reporters can now provide their phone numbers, incase the team need to call for more details.

Some features that were only available in the teams web dashboard -- for example renaming a building or changing a building's address -- are now also available in the teams mobile app.

Ticket reporters can now receive a confirmation email showing the details that they submitted. (This is only enabled for clients who request this.)

If a ticket is no longer applicable or a reporter accidentally opened a ticket, we've added a "Close Ticket" button to the bottom of the ticket screens that reporters can use.

As well as taking a photo in real-time, users can now add a photo they took previously, allowing greater freedom and reducing the need for a user to stop whatever they were doing and type out a full ticket description whenever they see something wrong.

September 2018

We've added a button to the teams web dashboard, "Share Via Email", which (as you can probably guess!) allows users to share tickets via email! This doesn's grant the other person access to FaultFixers, so it is ideal for sharing with one-off contractors.

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