Our story

The buildings around us dramatically shape the quality of our lives, in particular the quality of the work we do. They are the physical brand of our company and are a key part of the everyday experiences of our employees and visitors; the “face” of our organisation.

- We built FaultFixers to make workplaces better.

It was the Fall of 2012, and our brainy in-house inventor was moving into his University accommodation. A large privately owned block of apartments; it was pricey, yet there were things about the rooms which needed to be fixed.

The lock on the letterbox was jammed, the kitchen tap wouldn’t stop running, the lights in the bathroom flickered.

Surely, he thought, there must be a simple way to report it to the building facility manager and have her send a repair team out to put it right?

There had to be a simple way to make it easy to report issues – and give the building manager the information needed so they could quickly respond and deliver against their SLAs.

Apparently not.

Anyone working in the corporate world understands these issues too – when you call a central facilities helpdesk its not always easy for them to understand where you are in the building, and what’s gone wrong. Sometimes the fault has already been reported, but you don’t know that and the helpdesk staff spend time fielding repeat calls all helpfully reporting the same issue. Worse still, an issue doesn't get reported at all.

So FaultFixers was born

Designed to work for organisations large and small, Fault Fixers is provided over the Internet (as Software as a Service) working in combination with iPhone and Android apps.

We hope you’ll sign up and join us!

The FaultFixers Team.