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Company Name: Apt Living | Paradigm Land
Date: December 2019

Apt Living offers thoughtful, design-led homes for modern living with smart spaces and services that truly serve. For people who live more and need less. 

Apt’s Defect Management

With Apt Living’s growing portfolio and customer base, their after-care and defects management team and processes we’re becoming cumbersome and inefficient to manage.

Apt started working with FaultFixers with the objective of digitalising their manual defect reporting processes, focusing on a great customer experience, ease of use, and speed of resolution.

Digital Defect Reporting

Through the use of FaultFixers, Apt Living now provides their customers with branded defect reporting portals and mobile app, so it’s not easy to report the small issues before they become bigger defects. 

Apt’s customer care team now benefits from one integrated maintenance management platform that automates all customer communications and issue resolutions with their maintenance teams and contractors, eliminating hours of wasteful admin time.

” No more outdated and incorrect spreadsheets, the customer reporting app allows me to receive accurate photos of issues, allowing me too easily distinguish between defects and customer maintenance issues “

Dilpreet Shallon

Aftercare Manager, Apt Living

Technology that makes defect management easy.

Prior to working with FaultFixers, Apt Living used to manage their defect reporting and aftercare across multiple spreadsheets. This meant every issue raised by customers had to be manually logged, was never provided with photographic evidence, and was confusing to understand an overall picture of outstanding issue at any given point. Often issues were left un-actioned for longer than necessary and/or customer communications fell through the gaps.

By using FaultFixer’s defect reporting and management software, Apt Living has been able to gain a live dashboard overview of all open and outstanding issues across their portfolio. Their customers now have the ability to report their defects along with supporting photo/video evidence, and they are automatically logged into the aftercare team’s dashboard, saving all manual data entry and duplication – no more spreadsheet.

The aftercare team benefits from automated communication updates to customers, so never having to manually follow up with customers for every single issue, saving them thousands of man hours across the year. Customers benefit because they are updated in real-time with progress notifications, meaning they no longer need to chase the aftercare team for updates and allows the aftercare team to focus on issue resolution. It’s a win:win.

Immediate Benefits

✅  Save Time

Efficient, digital management from any device, allows your team to manage defects and maintenance from anywhere and with greater oversight and reporting.

✅  Cost-savings

Easily identify genuine defects vs. general maintenance issue and manage contractor escalation in less time. 

✅  Customer Satisfaction

Painless defect reporting for your customers means they report issues earlier and not just at the end of the warrenty period

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