Customer Care & Defect Management Software

Web and Mobile software to effectively manage your Client’s Defects & Repairs, lowering costs & increasing Customer satisfaction.

One easy-to-use platform to manage your Team, Clients, Home Owners, and Contractors.

FaultFixers helps to bring construction companies and their customers together with modern Customer Care and repair resolution software, all in one place.

Defects management software

Happy Developers & Builders

Issues Reported Annually

Units/Properties Managed

Customer Care & Defect Management Software Features

Clear Customer Reporting

Clients and home owners can report issues with photographic evidence for quicker resolution.


Maintenance Dashboard

Clear & concise overview of your customer care tasks. Run detailed reports to analyse performance and satisfaction.

Operative & Contractor Assignment

Assign tasks to the relevant team member(s) or entire team, including 3rd party contractors.

Automated Updates

Reduces admin and defects costs by automating previously manual communications and tasks.

Transparent Comms

Audit and history logs for every update, communication, and document, all with linked client info.

Configurable Digital Forms

Capture digital sign offs, contractor risk assessments, customers questionnaires – anything you like!

Defects management software

Easy to use software that keeps everyone in the loop

Manage all your after-care tickets in one simple to use web dashboard or via the FaultFixers Teams app. 

With automated updates for customers, FaultFixers saves your after-care team thousands of admin hours, eliminating manual defect management task such as searching email threads and convoluted back and forth communications. 

Customer Satisfying Benefits

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We have 100% happy customers and clients – your customers will find it easy to use and love you for it.

Powerful Metrics & KPIs

Delete your complex spreadsheets and analyse trends automatically to spot defect KPI’s and trends. Work smarter.

Saves you time & money

Reduce defect management admin time and improve repair response times by efficiently managing your operatives

Clear & Transparent

Clear audit trails means you keep on top of customer queries, manage expectations, improve your reputation.

Easy to use

We don’t have user guides on purpose – an easy solution for all staff regardless of whether they’re tech-savvy, or not

Accessible anywhere

Available on iOS and Android devices, your team and complete tasks anytime and anywhere helping to speed things up.

Defects management software

Customer & Home Owner App

Stand out from the crowd with a bespoke Customer Reporter App where customers report their issues to you complete with helpful photos and videos. 

Resolve repairs quickly as well as automating progress updates and communications – wow your customers!

Our Success Stories


FaultFixers has really helped us to streamline our communications with customers regarding the handover process and reporting defects snagging. 

Before using FaultFixers, we were using many complex spreadsheet and the burden of managing many outstanding issues at any given time often lead to my team taking longer than necessary to respond. 

We’re now able to delight our customers with improved response times – in one case we replied to their reported issue within 30 seconds.

Dilpreet Shallon

Customer Care Manager


The team at FaultFixers have been excellent in helping us get setup with the Customer/Home Owner App across our portfolio. 

Our customers have specifically mentioned they like the use of the app, which is branding with our own logo and colour schemes – it’s essentially our own app – and it means we’re able to efficient manage all our conversations with customers. 

I believe the use of modern and luxury technology application has helped us to improve our client satisfaction so FaultFixers is now integral to our business.

Jay Panesar

Building Surveyor & Customer Care


FaultFixers has been very easy to use and for our team members to get to grips with.

From head office we can easily assign repairs and works orders to individual contractors or teams, based on their current work load or geography, which helps us be smarter and more efficient.

Because it’s a digital solution, every bit of paperwork or handover documentation can all be stored within the platform and assigned to each property or customers, meaning everything is easily searchable.

FaultFixers has made a significant improfement to our operations.

Sophie Dayus

Customer Service Manager


Start wowing your customers today