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East Thames is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in east London and Essex. They own and manage 15,000 homes. Providing a safe and well maintained home is at the heart of their work.

How we’ve helped:

Duplicate repairs: 26.3%

Average help desk time saved per ticket: 5.5 minutes

Repairs reported out of office hours: 62%

Tenant penetration (using the app): 76.9%

By using FaultFixers across East Thames homes and communal areas, tenants are able to report repairs directly into to the help desk with little investment of their time and receive status updates direct to the mobile phones.

East Thames help desk agents spend less time receiving and logging calls, and more time responding and resolving the issues affecting their tenants.

The FaultFixers app informs tenants of their responsibilities as well as issues that have already been reported, reducing duplicate repairs from ever reaching the help desk. Agents can focus on priority issues and optimise quicker fixes.


“It saves so much time, my M&E inspections used to take 3 days but now it only takes a few hours”

Abdul Hye, East Thames Neighbourhood Manager

“Huge efficiency and CX improvements, with the smallest financial & operational investment.”

Adrian Ringrose, Former Interserve CEO

The University of Sussex supplies and manages accommodation for thousands of students, as well as providing maintenance services for academic buildings and University grounds. The university receives around 1300 individual reactive breakdowns on a monthly basis and undertakes 80% of the works, which arise within the campus.

How we’ve helped:

Duplicate repairs: 21.1%

Average help desk time saved per ticket: 4.9 minutes

Repairs reported out of office hours: 67%

Student & staff penetration (using the app): 71.1%

With FaultFixers used across both accommodation and academic buildings, students and staff are able to report repairs directly to building managers and the help-desk in 30 seconds or less.

Enhancing the student experience is paramount to the University. Providing a quick and effective method to report repairs via a digital medium that Gen Z students demand, the University of Sussex is an industry leader at delivering an amazing the student experience.

Making a previously tedious task hassle-free, allows the entire campus community to benefit from more enjoyable and safer environments.

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