Medlow are the FM providers for a number of businesses across the West Midlands. They needed a CAFM solution that was cost-effective for their clients and enabled their workforce to be mobile.

How we've helped:

By using FaultFixers across Medlow's clients, they reported a increase in workforce productivity. The FaultFixers mobile app saved operatives an average of 15 minutes per job, thanks to clearer fault reports containing photos and the reporter's exact location.

We worked with Medlow to replace all of their paper-based reporting and PPMs with digital forms. As well as helping the environment, this allowed their clients to see the audit log of what work has been performed, increasing accountability.

Since switching to FaultFixers, Medlow have renewed contracts with several of their clients, with some of them mentioning FaultFixers as one of the best parts of the Medlow experience.


“FaultFixers enabled my team to be more productive virtually overnight. I can manage the team's workload in seconds through the app — I used to need to make phone calls all day long — not now!”

Darren Willis, Director of Medlow FM

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