Kreativ House is a workspace in Hackney, London. Part of the Wovus group, Kreativ House started as one building with plans to grow to 5 sites. Foreseeing a future choke-point in communicating with their cleaning and maintenance teams, they asked FaultFixers for some help.

How we've helped:

First, we worked with their outsourced FM and cleaning teams to digitize their daily checklists and PPMs. Instead of receiving piles of paperwork, the General Manager now has access to their real-time work log via our FM app, accessible 24/7, and shareable with any third party, for example contractors and inspectors.

Second, we deployed one of our flexible and customizable reporter websites (here's a demo one!). Within a month, the volume of repairs emails dropped 80% — instead, reactive jobs came through the website and fed directly into Kreativ House's FaultFixers dashboard.

Thanks to our smart detection of duplicate fault reports, the number of duplicates in communal areas dropped to almost zero, saving the Kreativ House team roughly 3 hours per month.


“FaultFixers is a game changer for small businesses like us. I had no visibility into what the cleaning crew were doing. Now I can view reports of exactly what has been done each day.”

Tom Hammond, General Manager

Kreativ House's kitchen

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